Friday, 16 December 2016

Two New Additions

One thing that is nice about the world of Warhammer 40,000 is the customisation. The fact that GW fully encourage and endorse people to kit-bash and create models is great. It was this that drew me back into the world after a decade and a half.  As an artist I like to create my own things, so I find it hard to stick to paint schemes and paint by numbers. If I see cool miniatures I like to find some way to include them in my force and make them fit with the rest of the army.

This leads me onto Blazer and Mustang. Two mercenary types that my dad ordered from a second hand miniatures dealer back in the mid 90's.  Cash was exchanged for miniatures in the car park of a Little Chef at the late hours of night.  Very exciting and also unnecessarily seedy.  I found them while clearing out a box of things and decided that I had to make them fit into my cult. Their range and sculptor is unknown but they are brilliant little figures.

They clearly are not cultists or even infected, which led me to wonder why they are in cahoots with the cult in the first place.  This led me to write the fluff below.

Blood Money

Gritting his teeth Blazer launched his fist forward at the creepy bald headed miner in front of him. He didn't take insults lightly, especially from such a lowly scum. Mustang placed his large coarse hand upon the veteran's shoulder. "Come now boy, chill. The Commissar needs this to go down well," said the rotund giant. Feeling his comrade relax, Mustang released his grip and pointed his stubby finger at the one remaining miner. "You see here little man, we've traveled a long way to meet with you lot and me and my pal here don't like to be talked down to. We've seen more wars than you've seen dark tunnels." Shaking, the pallid miner led the two mercenaries down the deep tunnel network. Gradually as they descended they learnt that their commissars assumptions had been right. This was no normal mining operation. It was an alien occupation. Entering the central chamber Blazer let out a cry of terror. On the balconies above them were a dozen horrors. Humanoid in form but with glimmering white flesh that possessed an extra set of menacing arms. He had heard stories of tyranids but even the orks he had fought didn't compare to the terrors above. "Sorry for my associates reaction friend, he isn't used to dealing with your kind," bellowed Mustang addressing at the most prominent figure in the balcony. "He is forgiven," spoke the robed bald figure down to the soldiers. "Now to more pressing matters. We have approached your superior to help aid us in our off world conflicts. Even in these uncharted systems outside the reach of the imperium, we have attracted unwanted attention. The Tau and even the Imperium's Astartes have been giving us trouble." "You said nothing about Astartes!" Choked out Blazer glaring at the monster before him. Beads of sweat running down his dark skin. "We feel the extra compensation will be adequate. For every Astartes you managed to silence you will be rewarded handsomely. We have a vast amount of men at your disposal, in order to rid our system of these less accepting forces." Before Blazer could continue with his disapproval, a hulking beast bound by chains entered the chamber. With two of its mighty arms it wheeled in a large crate. "Alright... we will take this as planned, but the Astartes are your problem!" Said the younger veteran before swiftly helping Mustang wheel out the container. Mustang had seen his fitter and more capable comrade take down a green skin with nothing but a knife. They both had fought against their own kind, been chased across system after system by the Imperium but he had never seen Blazer so terrified. He contemplated ordering a bombardment and making a run for it. Before he could carry on with his escape plan, there was a ping on his data slate. His eyes widened. Never before had he seen so many digits in his life. Maybe these freaks weren't so bad after all.

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