Friday, 24 March 2017

New Blood for the Brood

Over the past two weeks I have gone a little ebay crazy snagging a few deals here and there, while also acquiring a few things through facebook or friends.  My girlfriend Mia, ditched her Tyranid army in favour of Tau.

This does mean less conflict with Tyranids but the Tau have now grown in number.

One purchase I did make was twenty Chaos cultists.  I needed more acolytes but I am now also playing chaos. One compliments the other well as it now means I have fodder for both armies.

I managed to paint 11 and one of my custom cultists (Back left) in one night and the rest will have to wait for another day.

My cult are not seeing as much action as the Canis Aureus because I simply haven't painted enough of them. They have had two large games against marines.  the first they performed handsomely alongside Eds tyranids, capturing objectives and wiping out vehicles. It was a proud day for the Brotherhood winning 11-7.

 In the second game they did a lot early on but then suffered horrible losses as their ork allies were slow to support.  Thankfully due to my Magus' summons I managed not to get tabled and pulled back some objectives ending with a loss of 9-8. The Orc warboss also pulled through taking on a rhino, followed by a dreadnought and then a the warlord.

Hopefully the brotherhood will see action soon, but more painting needs to be done first!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Battle Scribe!

Making army lists has always been time consuming.  For the year I have been playing chopping, changing and switching around points can be a total pain in the backside.  I love it but I also hate it.  Buying the official Space Wolf codex for my Aureus saved me a lot of time.  But the Force Requisition manager is not without fault and it often crashes or lags out when you need it most.

Battle Scribe fixes these issues.  While it isn't a codex it does posses all of the information and options for every army list, including supplements and data slates that have been released separately.  Meaning that now making a Chaos Space Marine, Genestealer Cult or Deathwatch army list has become far easier.

Once again a big thank you to Jack for getting me to buy the app on the iOS store.

Now making my lists for this weeks games is easy!

You can select units and then customise them fully, without complication or hassle and you can always see the running points total.  now there is no need to buy every hard copy of a codex that I own in digital format too.

But if 40k isn't your thing or you play other miniatures games as well, never fear as Battle Scribe supports most of those too.  For such a tiny price it is a must have to any tabletop war gamer.