Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Recon Mission in a New World

The painted members of the cult so far.
The games of kill team continue.  The Brothers lost against a team of Squats but managed to kill their warlord and their specialists.  For a group of miners I think they have done pretty well for themselves.  The Tau I have beaten have been shades of purple, bronze and pink so I have given my new chaos cultists recruits the same shades of weaponry.  I am pretty sure the skin masks are the remains of the squats too.
3 of my new painted Cult and a kitbashed squat cultist.

I also finally finished painting Janet's model. She was going to be for my SoB army, but she looks kind of demented. She is now a magus for my cult as I don't have an actual model. The figure is from the latest Raging Heroes Kickstarter.  To go with her I also converted three of my daemonettes to be other cultist women.  When I get more spares I will change up their arms for more genestealery ones rather than chaos claws.  

Now I know female models are sometimes a bit of a taboo thing. I have read a few instances of people saying that women wouldn't battle in the cult, they would just be used as breeding machines. Well I don't entirely agree as they would convert anyone that could be of use.  What if women are infertile or simply were better put to use for other things.  Would a capable woman in the military suddenly be taken away from her duties. What about those in other important roles?  In truth it doesn't matter either way and I don't really care.  I understand orks and marines reasons for not having women, but I do hate the whole universe being mainly men.  Its all too big of a sausage-fest so I am throwing a few women into my cult, even if they are demented and scantily clad.

Below is a brief fluff from the cult. For now I am going to retire them to normal work for a while until I get enough models to play a bigger game.

From the logs of Foreman Hogarth Jones.

Today we woke up raring to go. The ones in the deep have started trying to harness the new Tau tech we acquired, and the golds already selling fast. We finally have a legitimate business that's actually creating revenue (It's only taken 4 generations!).

I'm pretty sure the Old One's on his way out. He is smelling awfully strange and his message is getting fainter. I told the boys not to worry. I'm sure it's all part of the great ones plans.

Janet informed us from the top of her tower that she had been having visions of compact humans in the world across the sector. Confused by her message but incredibly curious, I sent Gus and Big Troy out on a recon mission.

When the boys turned up they said a pack of Space Wolves had torn apart most of these strange, short, fat men.  I don't understand how wolves came from space but I guess anything is possible these days. Big Troy tore the head off of their leader and ran his trophy back home. Meanwhile Gus abducted two more leaving the remaining men for dead. He says that weakness doesn't belong in the cult. I don't think cowardice does either, but who is going to argue with a 10ft tall 800lbs giant?

Despite losing twelve men, we now have the cooperation of two new Squat allies and the blood of an ancient and curious warlord in the Patriarchs hands. It is strange how when people meet with the Patriarch they seem to just understand. I was born into the mine business and I am proud to be the foreman here. I have been recognised by the Old One. Maybe one day the Bright Great Ones will recognise me too.