Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Gold, Snacks and Success!

Welcome to the Brothers of the Star Blessed. Today I started playing my fresh genestealer cult army, consisting of 18 neophyte hybrids (8 kit based and 10 from the boxed set) and 4 aberants. Thankfully I managed to snag 4 aberants on ebay before the cult was released.  £7 seemed like a good deal for some DnD ogres but now they have a better use!

My aberants.

Currently I cannot field the cult in an actual game, therefore Kill Team is the way to go. As they are very small and underdog. I thought I would sum up the recent sessions in the mining foreman's log below.

Hogarth Jones- Foreman of the mining operations. 4th generation.

From the logs of Forman Hogarth Jones. Today's been a good day for the mining team. Billy found a new vein of Gold in the southern mines and Janus has come up with the best lunch snack: smoked tunnel rat stapled with card. Who would have thought stapling card to the rat's juicy frame was a good idea? It keeps you safe from touching it with your poisoned hands though. Well one things for sure, he will be remembered for his efforts.

In other news the great one has spoke to us again. I crawled down into the depths of the facility to see him. He said that we needed to collect parts for more weaponry. I don't know where he gets his information from, but I guess he is the great granddaddy of us all. Pa used to call him the overlord. Thankfully Janet came back with some information about a Tau scouting party. She really hasn't been right since she met with the old one. Me and the boys went straight there. I loaded up the new Webber (plated in gold I might add) and the guys got their equipment.

A painting of Janet the Cults soon-to-be Magus
It was a total bloodbath. Everyone died, even Billy and Janus. Still it isn't all bad we got the tech, and now Billy and the boys will go to meet the great ones in the void. I'm glad Gus was with me as he loaded up on tech and helped me carry it back. Janet apparently had much more success. She took a tower on the outskirts of the city. She said shes going to renovate it and make it into some kind of business. Apparently Big Troy smashed a whole unit of Tau on his own. I don't know why he can't work that hard in the mines. Twice the size of a normal man and as strong as an ox, but does he ever lift a finger? Maybe the life of a stockbroker would suit him more... Ah well it is over now. A hard day's work, but now I can rest up for the night, knowing that we are one step closer to meeting our creators.